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* 100% soul made in Africa! Accept No Imitations from China or Indonesia!

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Djembes and other African Drums are musical instruments, ceremonial objects and means of communication. Our large African percussion exhibit focuses on the traditional drums of the Yoruba, Senufo, Kuba, Akan, Chokwe and other peoples, plus slit drums of the Yaka, Dan and Yangere. The Djembe drums range from everyday objects with monumental, simple forms to ornate pieces bringing status to the owner, connoting power and the honoring of ancestors.

The real african Djembe is rather piece of art and each producer manufactures his unique items, furthermore each items is different and as such should be treated individually.

On our site you can find a collection of drums that are individually tested and even supplied with a sound track for each single drum we sell!!

African Krobo Glass Trade Beads producers work with powdered or crumbled glass sand, which they lay in molds and then heat up in a kiln. Almost all over else in the globe Glass Beads can be mass produced.

The single other similar process with glass powder is in Mffa, Mauritania,and also here the vividnesses and also contours can be very bound, and the industry is nowhere near as vital as it is in West Africa.

The primary centres for African Krobo Trade Beads are in Krobo and therefore the Ashanti traditional domains. We ammassed collection of beads created in the Krobo area, but we hope to expand our collection in the succeeding edition to include other Ashanti Trade Beads artisans.

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