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I need to contact you ASAP

Best and fastest way to contact us is email We hardly ever answer phones with all the work we got to do.

How long it takes to get me my order?

We ship by UPS Ground and/or USPS. For US based customers it takes on avarage 10 days to receive your item, from the time of the order. For international customers delivery time may be longer.

I forgot my password :(

Use My Account link to retrieve your password. Please make sure your ISP does not blocking our email. If it fails drop us a line we will contact you.

My Order came in broken, what do i do?

Email us immediately at and we will advise. Most of US orders shipped insured so nothing to worry about.

How do i get quantity discounts?

You dont need to set up anything unless you are a reseller residing in California (then we need a copy of your Resale License). Other than that our Discount Program is very simple. You can instantly take advantage of our quantity discount, buying multiples of an item or of similar Mix and Match items. In addition the more your buy over the time the bigger discounts will become. Our Discount program is our way of saying "Thanks" to You - our loyal customers, by giving discounts upto 20% - not one time but every time you buy from us. Your discount is based on your accumulated purchases from us (excluding taxes,if any and shipping charges) and it only grows with each purchase. There are no minimums on each order. Further, there is no deadline for redemption - it is automatic. The discount is calculated as follows.

If your accumulated total purchase is ... Then your discount is ...
$800-1000 5% off your order
$1000-2000 10% off your order
$2000 or more 15% off your order

* The discounts are not applicable to some products and can not be combined with other coupons or promotions.

An example scenario:
Let's say you have made 4 purchases from us for $200,$300,$500 and $1000..Here's how much you save ...

1. First Purchase: $200. Total Cumulative Purchases: $200 .Discount: $10.00 (5% of $200)

2. Second Purchase: $300. Total Cumulative Purchases: $500 .Discount: $30.00 (10% of $300)

3. Third Purchase: $500. Total Cumulative Purchases: $1000. Discount: $75.00 (15% of $500)

4. Fourth Purchase:$1000. Total Cumulative Purchases: $2000. Discount: $200.00 (20% of $1000).

And the best part is even if you buy for $10 from us your discounts hold good. You still get $2 off - no minimums, no deadline, you save more with every purchase.

Do you have a minimum for orders?

We do not have any minimums - no minimum order amount or quantity. Also check the question on 'wholesale', above.

Do you have a store that we can go in and buy from?

No, we do not have a 'Brick & Mortar' store/showroom.

Do you charge tax on purchases?

We charge CA Sales Tax, ONLY if an order is shipped to a California address and if we do NOT have a signed Resale Certificate on file. To claim tax exemption, you need to have a valid CA Reseller's permit and mail/fax us a copy of the signed Resale Certifcate from our website.

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